Head VS Heart

Originally posted on The Brave and the Broken:
? Have you ever been in situations in your life where you had to decide between listening to your head or following your heart ? We often go through situations in our life which require us to choose the path we want to pursue: The path of…

Good days and Bad days

Originally posted on The Brave and the Broken:
Do you ever wonder that your life on this earth is categorized into 2 types of days ? Good days and bad days. There are days when you feel invincible. You feel like you can conquer the whole damn world and those stupid things you were worrying…


I will fall off your chest tonight But will come back at sunrise Even if the doors are shut I’ll find a way inside And I’ll stay even if you try to push me outside -Anxiety


My mom said “Let go. There’s nothing you can do by dwelling over things that weren’t in your control”  I looked up with my crimpson eyes, as the storm in my mind began to fill up smoke within my lungs  My drenched eyes met her tired ones “I will learn that in time ma, but…

Who am I?

This is me. A wilting flower standing strong above the rain A cryptic enigma This is me I’m endlessly chasing Bruised ankles yes that’s me A shallow illusion A deep ocean that’s me This is me I am not a mask  No safe zone feature  This is not me I am not sunshine I am…

My Zone

My zone is not for the beautiful but for the people who’ve seen the ugly. Here, your lungs will fill up with smoke, not with cigarettes but with the fire that surrounds. So caution yourself, there’s danger ahead.  Do not enter this house there, Until you know how the embers flare.

Out of reach

How did I let myself runaway from myself  How did I let it all slip Just like sand the tighter I held myself  The farther I went out of reach 

the question lingers

i’m scared yes. let me sink that in. i wasn’t like this before but things tend to change and so am i   i’ve struck a jolting realisation the kind that woke me up words fail me and i fail them i don’t know how i don’t know why no matter what i still try…

tangled feelings

i don’t know what to feel anymore its like i have this mixed up tangled ball of feelings within me hope, fear, courage, anxiety all at once. at times i wanna run away runaway from everything even from myself.